Project Ideas for Instructional Designers

About GDS

In 2016, I declared a year of the project.

As a part of that, I wrote a little ebook called Go Design Something about making a really great portfolio as an instructional designer (I'll be redesigning it pretty soon) and I've been thinking for a while about what to do with this site.

I've had the privilege to speak with several instructional design newbies about breaking into ID. And, for a while now, I've had a passion for helping other newbie instructional designers practice their craft. So, I decided that a perfect companion arc to my current projects and practice would be a website that generated project ideas.

If you've wanted to get started on a project but you couldn't figure out how to get started, this is the site to get you going.

If you've got a short brief idea, you can can submit it to share with others.